We invest time, venture capital, cross-industry know-how and an international network of business contacts in people who want to start up with us. We make long-term investments in the seed, start-up or early growth phase.

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    Most founders lack proven experience in operative marketing and sales. TANZER helps start-ups in the early stages to strategically consider the marketing and sales aspects of the business model.

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    In cooperation with TANZER, start-ups receive from the very beginning, a well-proven organizational and process structure, as well as many ready-made templates, which support growth and allow the founders to concentrate on their essential tasks.

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    With over 20 years of experience in sales, online and offline marketing, software development, a professional team, as well as the market-proven company structure of many start-ups, TANZER Consolidated provides the founders with a stable basis for successful growth right from the beginning.

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