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Most founders bring special or proven expertise in specific areas. Nevertheless, in the early founding or growth phase, companies are quickly confronted with many different tasks. This often leads to a quick miscalculation in terms of time and content. With us, the founders can focus fully on their professional area and in all other areas they are provided with a mentor or departmental advisor.

With over 20 years of experience in sales, online and offline marketing, software development, a professional team, as well as the market-proven company structure of many start-ups, TANZER Consolidated provides the founders with a stable basis for successful growth right from the beginning.

Industry Knowledge

The TANZER team has already built up and assisted many start-ups from all industries and positioned them as highly successful companies in the market. These include automotive, health, travel and tourism, retail and finance.

Corporate Divisions

A start-up in growth should be able to count on the fact that all business areas are quickly accessible and can be implemented in the own company. This provides stability and the ability to plan ahead. For this purpose, founders can access areas such as operations, personnel, finance, IT, marketing and sales at TANZER.


The entire team supports founders in their growth and the resulting challenges. In addition to the professional exchange, we live a hierarchy-free and open minded philosophy. In which founders expand their knowledge faster than average and thus receive a fundamental basis for their own start-up.

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