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    Tanzer is your agency for creative-innovative marketing concepts and technology solutions.
    Together we support you from idea to creation up to realisation.
    TANZER Agency - Agenturleistungen Hintergrund mobil

    Agency Services

    Covering everything from flyers to large online campaigns, Tanzer is your reliable partner. With well thought-out advertising materials and professional implementation we help you to be successful.

    full service

    Tanzer is your full service agency available for all aspects of your business. From planning and strategy up to implementation, our team of experts and creative minds will work with you.

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    software services

    The development of software is a key element of digitization. By creating your own apps or integrating business processes throughout, you can optimize your economic success. We support you professionally with analysis and offer experts in different technology sectors.

    company builder

    Building a successful business is not easy - but we can help you. With clearly defined goals and a strong brand, you will reach your goal and ensure that your projects are in professional hands.

    TANZER Agency - Companybuilder



    A large team of digital natives, unconventional thinkers and creative minds, who are looking forward to bring your project to the top.