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Most founders lack proven experience in operative marketing and sales. TANZER helps start-ups in the early stages to strategically consider the marketing and sales aspects of the business model.

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An idea, product or business model alone does not bring a successful company to the market. Most founders have taken two essential aspects into account when starting up their business. On the one hand, they usually identified a problem for a specific target group and on the other hand, they conceived or developed a suitable solution.

In between, many do not have the necessary experience of how to actually bring their solution to their target group. It is not uncommon to need cooperation partners or intermediaries in the overall value chain, whose acquisition as an independent target group is often not effectively considered by the founders.

Therefore, a fundamental re-evaluation of the initial business model will usually be required. TANZER supports startups in the strategic analysis of marketing and sales-related aspects within the early stages of their business and helps them integrate these factors into the core of their business planning processes.

Business Modell Analysis

In the first stage, the business model is evaluated for general marketability. After an initial pitch deck has convinced the investment managers, the business plan is examined in detail and the first planned key figures are checked.

Market Analysis

Depending on the complexity of a product and market, a suitable market analysis is conducted with the startups. The results of the analysis are used to decide which strategy best suits the start-up. This includes market field strategy, market stimulation strategy, market parcelling strategy and market area strategy.

Target Aim

Marketing aims are based on the overriding objectives of the respective company in order to create a target harmony between these two levels. Objectives in marketing usually relate to increasing sales, market segment shares or the acquisition and binding of customers.

In the process of target setting, founders will primarily define fundamental business targets and later derive specific marketing aims from these initial objectives. TANZER supports founders in developing meaningful target performance metrics and converting them into an economically useful system of indicators.

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