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We invest time, venture capital, cross-industry know-how and an international network of business contacts in people who want to start up with us. We make long-term investments in the seed, start-up or early growth phase.

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Investment focus

Startups should generally solve a problem with their solution or technology. The market and target group must be clearly defined. This is the only way to identify outstanding unique selling propositions and accompany them in realizable, growth-oriented business models. We invest in niches, markets and industries that support above-average growth or key technological innovation.

Investment Stage

Founders are at various stages of their start-up. Depending on the idea and business model, it makes sense to have already taken the first steps on the market or to have developed a technology. The technology-oriented an idea is, the more pre-financing must be guaranteed. In order to make a first assessment, at least a clearly elaborated business plan must be available.

Investment Shares

TANZER is taking a very high risk in this early phase. Therefore, depending on the stage and scope of the investment, the amount of investment is between 25.1% and 49.9%. Depending on the suitability of the business idea and the requirements of the founder, we also go into an investment with a majority share.

Geographical Directions

As a matter of principle, we invest in founders and start-ups from the DACH region. Due to our base in Leipzig, especially founders and entrepreneurs from the region of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Brandenburg are welcome.

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TANZER Agency - geografische-ausrichtung

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