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Tanzer convinces with multifaceted expertise, a large network of strong partnerships and lots of passion. Our team of professional designers, marketing professionals and computer scientists creates new potential.

Our Team

Tanzer brings together a team of marketing professionals, designers, advertising psychologists and computer scientists.

With bundled expertise and a great deal of passion for what we do, we assist our clients in strategic issues of corporate development through to the operational challenges of digitalization and marketing.

TANZER Agency - Sang Tanzer

Sang Jakob Tanzer


Sang is the Head of Everything. With his many years of expertise in marketing and sales, he supports the entire team. When he is not sitting in front of the computer or on the telephone, he plays in the professional league of table soccer and shares his experience with his employees.

TANZER Agency - Celine

Celine Schumann

Media designer digital/print

Celine is media designer and enjoys drawing for a living. Her clothes are mostly black, but her head is full of colorful ideas. She conjures up graphic masterpieces on her computer, while Rammstein drones in her headphones.

TANZER Agency - Steven Richter

Steven Richter

Web and graphic designers

Steven is the creative head when it comes to web design and its implementation. Coffee and good music are his motivation to create wonderful web projects.

TANZER Agency - Sarah Kroh

Sarah Kroh

Communication designer

Sarah is our graphic designer and makes sure that the sketch turns from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Even though she likes to look up at the sky and knows the zodiac signs of all the staff, she still stays down-to-earth.

TANZER Agency - Tobias Galle

Tobias Galle

Office Manager

Tobi is our office manager. He always provides the necessary amount of sweets, welcomes our guests and checks the incoming mails. When he is not in the office, he tastes exquisite wines.

TANZER Agency - Dame Ndiaye

Dame Ndiaye

Apprentice Application Engineering

Dame is our apprentice in the field of specialized informatics with the focus on "application technology". He learns how to translate customer requirements into codes. He never forgets his morning coffee before he turns on his computer.

TANZER Agency - Andrey Kononenko

Andrey Kononenko

Apprentice media design

Andrey is apprentice in the Digital & Print media design department. When he's not playing table soccer, logo design and Adobe Illustrator are his specialties.
If you ask him if there are limits of Illustrator, he would deny it. He would even manage to create videos with it.

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You want to become a part of Tanzer Agency?
Then go for it! Because we are always looking for creative minds to join the team with new ideas and commitment. Whether you are a graduate or a career changer, we look forward to receive your meaningful application with exciting work samples.

The History

Tanzer represents success through teamwork. This accompanied the founder Sang Jakob Tanzer already in the early 2000s, when he built up his first start-up. With the mobile advertising system "Samispot" he founded the first mobile AdTech company in Germany. The idea behind it was to integrate monitors into taxis and rental cars and to offer passengers added value through regional content and advertising. Since the taxis were not receptive at that time, Sang founded the car rental company "Samicar" in addition to Samispot.

In the years after Samispot, Sang Tanzer built and ran various online shops and e-commerce portals with great success. Since 2006, he has been responsible for a total media budget and marketing budget of approx. 560 million euros, mostly in management positions in marketing. Among the successful start-ups were Ab-in-den-Urlaub.de, Fluege.de, Travel24.com and Lensspirit Kontaktlinsen. Before Sang and his team started with their own consulting company, he was most recently responsible for the entire Europe-wide rollout and development of the company brillen.de, financed by the American top investor TCV, as Marketing Director of Supervista AG.

Get to know Tanzer

A large team of digital natives, unconventional thinkers and creative minds, who are looking forward to bring your project to the top.

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