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We invest time, venture capital, cross-industry know-how and an international network of business contacts in people who want to start up with us. We make investments in the seed, start-up or early growth phase.

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Especially in the early stages, the company is focused on the development of ideas and product development. The passion to found a company is always overshadowed by stones in the path, setbacks and challenges. We cannot prevent this either. Together with TANZER, start-ups receive from the very beginning, a tried and tested organizational and process structure, as well as many pre-designed templates that support growth and allow the founders to concentrate on their essential tasks. TANZER erhalten Startups von Anfang an, eine vielfach erprobte Organisations- und Prozessstruktur, sowie viele vorgefertigte Vorlagen, die beim Wachstum unterstützen und das sich die Gründer auf ihre wesentlichen Aufgaben konzentrieren können.

Time Investment

We invest a lot of time in founders and start-up teams to develop and implement competitive business models from ideas. We support them in the process with all our practical experience and are also a partner in the validation of the business models.

Risk Capital

Speed is one of the greatest guarantees of success when entering a market. In order for founders to be able to concentrate on the essentials, Tanzer also provides founders with capital up to the first round of financing in the amount of 10K to 150K Euros. Tanzer generally holds a stake in further financing rounds such as Seed and Series A/B. TANZER unter anderem auch Kapital bis zur ersten Finanzierungsrunde in Höhe von 10K bis 150K Euro. In aller Regel bleibt die TANZER auch bei weiteren Finanzierungsrunden wie Seed und Series A/B beteiligt.

Know-How Transfer

With a strong team of almost 20 digital and marketing experts, founders are provided with an priceless pool of experience and knowledge. In addition, we promote the entrepreneurial exchange among all our joint founders.


Start-ups founding with TANZER gain access to a national and international network of production, supply chain/tech service providers, marketers and cooperation partners. All of them support start-ups and founders for faster or more efficient access to their markets.

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